Irrigation Water Usage

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WARNING: It is likely that our normal irrigation water use will exceed our water supply this year. We need to be prepared to use significantly less irrigation water than was used last year. Watch the trend indicator to determine actions that need to be taken. Perennial grasses can go dormant and survive drought, but non-native trees, shrubs, and vines may not. If we all do our part, we can avoid irrigation water without sediment, snails and possible shut downs that will of necessity revert to some type of turn system. Be cautious about using culinary water outside and avoid jeopardizing our indoor water supply and fire protection. Watch for further updates on the Beaver City Facebook page, website, and the Beaver County Journal.

Water Outlook & Recommendations – March 2018

Notice to Beaver City Residents – 2018 Pressurized Irrigation Usage

Due to the Extremely Short Water Supply for irrigation use this year Beaver City encourages careful and efficient use of irrigation water. To maintain the demand on the Pressurized Irrigation System we have implemented the following water conservation principles and regulations to all users. The following measures are in effect April 1, 2018 (or as weather conditions dictate):

  1. First and foremost – This is your irrigation system, be good stewards of the system and water use.
  2. Drier Lawns Parks and Pastures are ok. Grass will come back!
  3. Reduce garden size to a minimum or consider no gardening!
  4. Avoid culinary water use on all lawns and gardens!
  5. No new lawns!
  6. Consider Xeriscaping! (Desert Landscaping)
  7. Sprinkling is limited between 6:00 PM and 9:00 AM (No Daytime Watering)!
  8. Decrease water use! Change your clock settings to reflect shorter sprinkling times. Reduce the number of times you water to 1 to 2 times per week. Set up weekly watering schedule.
  9. Cycle and Soak: Split your total watering time up into 2-3 cycles (this method prevents run-off from occurring)!
  10. Avoid watering in windy conditions!
  11. Adjust sprinkler types, heads, and directions to get even coverage for watering lawns and gardens and to avoid watering into streets!
  12. Trees need deep watering to reach root systems once per week during summer months. It’s better to have a dry lawn than to lose your trees!
  13. Maintain watering systems; repair leaks and taps, clogged, damaged, or broken sprinkler heads!
  14. When river flows drop below 5.5 sec. ft., supplemental water use (well pumping) costs may/will be passed on to users!
  15. Use drip-systems and mulching!
  16. Police Use – How is this best accomplished? We will need to start early, post notice to doors and shut off water!
  17. Beaver City will be providing regular 7-10 day outlooks that will be posted to Beaver City Facebook, Website and in the Newspaper. The water board will meet the first of June to re-evaluate water supply and make further recommendations!

We appreciate those who are working hard to conserve water. Every little bit of water conservation now will allow us more water to retain in storage for later use. Water conservation tips and Weekly Lawn Watering Guide can be reviewed by going to:


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