Board of Adjustment Agenda

Board of Adjustment Minutes

Board of Adjustment Meeting

City Council Room, 30 West 300 North

Tuesday August 6th, 2019 at 7:00 p.m.

In accordance with Utah law relating to planning and zoning, Beaver City’s Board of Adjustment is empowered to hear and decide appeals where it is alleged that errors have been made or an injustice has occurred due to the strict application of a zoning ordinance. The Board can also decide on special exceptions and variances from the City’s zoning ordinance. The Mayor, upon the advice and consent of the City Council, appoints members to The Board of Adjustment. The Board consists of five members.?    Any person or entity desiring a waiver or modification of the requirements of a land use ordinance as applied to a parcel of property that he owns, leases, or in which he holds some other beneficial interest may apply to the applicable appeal authority for a variance from the terms of the ordinance.

Variances may be granted only if all five of the following elements are met:

  1. The literal enforcement of the ordinance would cause an unreasonable hardship for the applicant that is not necessary to carry out the general purpose of the land use ordinances;
  2. There are special circumstances attached to property that do not generally apply to other properties in the same zone;
  3. Granting the variance is essential to the enjoyment of a substantial property right possessed by other property in the same zone;
  4. The variances will not substantially affect the general plan and will not be contrary to the public interest; and
  5. The spirit of the land use ordinance is observed and substantial justice done.



  • Russel & Fran Gale at 850 North 100 West will be asking for a variance to side set backs from 20 feet to 6 feet.
  • Cheston Davis at 985 East Center will be asking for a variance to have a 6 foot fence on center that runs parallel with the street.