Beaver City Power

Beaver City Municipal Electric is owned and operated by the city of Beaver. We are fortunate to have our own hydroelectric utility that generates revenue for the City while providing a valuable service to the community. Over the years, we have worked to keep pace with the changing needs of our residents and provide readily available power service at rates less than what a major utility would charge. The reconstruction of the old Middle Hydro 2 station on the Beaver River (seen at the right) was completed in 1992. The plant now generates an estimated 3,529,000 kWhrs of electricity annually. There are currently three generating units. The Lower Hydro 1, the Middle Hydro 2 and the Upper Hydro 3. Total combined generating capacity for all three stations is approximately 9,200,000 kWhrs annually.

Electric Superintendent: David Martin

Linemen: Sharm Lopshire, Charles Cicala, Brennen Orton

Plant Operators: Jimmy Gray, Ryan Anderson

Address: 30 West 300 North, Beaver, UT  84713

Telephone: 435-438-2451