Business Listings

Company NamesAddressContact InformationPhoneWebsiteBusiness Type
Majestic Financial Services757 North Main St.P O Box 1135, Beaver, UT 84713 435-438-3205Accountants
Todd E. Holt, CPA, PC70 North Main297 N HWY 6 Delta, UT 84624435-864-3888
White, C. David - Accounting190 North 100 East
P O Box 1663, Beaver,UT 84713435-438-5317Accountants
H&B Endeavors, LLC435-979-1688Airbnb
Flying P LivestockJim ParkinsonP O Box 215, Beaver, UT 84713435-438-6334Animals
Eagles Roost Antiques95 South MainP O Box 1763, Beaver, UT 84713435-438-5358Antiques
Leo G. Kanell, Attorney2160 South 600 WestP O Box 471, Beaver, UT 84713435-438-6441Attorneys
V. J. Christiansen, Law Office PC2270 South 525 Westvonslawoffice@gmail.com435-691-3799Attorneys
Beau's Auto Parts / CarQuest85 North Main St.P O Box 1507, Beaver,UT 84713435-438-2347Auto Parts
Tinks Superior Auto Parts10 North Main St.P O Box 700, Beaver,UT 84713435-438-2407Auto Parts
Beaver Valley Chevron650 West 1800 Southbeaverchevron@gmail.com435-438-5147Visit WebsiteAuto Service
Cove Fort Services / Hodges Properties Inc. TowingI-15 Cove Fort ExitP O Box 1319, Beaver, UT 84713435-438-5574Auto Service
Divine Auto Repair360 North Main Street and
1332 South Main
P O Box 2115 Beaver, UT 84713435-310-0283Auto Service
Eagle's Landing Texaco653 West 1400 NorthP O Box 610, Beaver, UT 84713435-438-5191Auto Service
Future Players Fast Stop1401 South MainP O Box 2170, Beaver,UT 84713435-438-0919Auto Service
HCF Kevin's Conoco1434 North Main St.P O Box 1923, Beaver,UT 84713435-438-5049Auto Service
M J Automotive1332 South MainP O Box 2313, Beaver,UT 84713435-438-5877Auto Service
Monty's Pearson Tire655 North Main St.P O Box 1089, Beaver,UT 84713435-438-5100Auto Service
Southcreek Shell1532 South Main St.P O Box 727, Beaver,UT 84713435-438-5842Auto Service
Tony & Dave's Auto Center115 North Main St.P O Box 700, Beaver,UT 84713435-438-5409Auto Service / Auto Body Repair Shop
Utah Independent Bank195 North Main St.uibankonline.com435-438-2433ernBanks
Wells Fargo Bank of Beaver640 North Main St.435-438-2502Banks
Village Beauty & Barber Shop38 North Main St.P O Box 658, Beaver, UT 84713435-438-2631Barbers
Fresh Expressions385 South MainHC 74 Box 5116 Adamsville, UT 84713Beauty Salons
Janet's Hair Care55 South MainP O Box 2103, Beaver, UT 84713435-310-0117Beauty Salons
KUT'N UP645 East 1800 North P O Box 269 Beaver, UT 84713435-438-6155Beauty Salons
Lavish Hair and Nail Salon/Eye Lashes and full service salon86 North Main StreetP O BOX 2277 Beaver, UT 84713435-559-5678
Beauty Salons
Malena's Nail Corner195 East 100 SouthP O Box 1537 Beaver, UT 84713435-418-0415Beauty Salons
Nails That Never Fails475 North 400 EastP O Box 1806, Beaver, UT 84713435-691-2038Beauty Salons
Sheina's Salon825 North 100 EastP O Box 1728, Beaver, UT 84713435-590-7943Beauty Salons
Tolton Inn & SPA25 North MainP O Box 2287
Beaver, UT 84713
435-421-9041Beauty Salons
Fish Lake Lumber Co.1627 N. Hwy 357fishlakelumber.net435-438-5454Visit WebsiteBuilding Materials
Kerksiek Wood Design465 West 200 SouthP O Box 719, Beaver, UT 84713435-438-5681Cabinets
Beaver Camperland1603 South 200 WestP O Box 1060, Beaver, UT 84713435-438-2808Campgrounds
KOA Campground1428 North Hwy 357
Surewood Forest Candle Factory31 North MainP O Box 1265 Beaver, UT 84713435-438-0211Candle Making Factory
Kayton's Auto DetailingP O Box 2523
Beaver, UT 84713
435-231-4723Car Detailing
Detail Busters and Car Wash905 North Main St.mjkn@infowest.com435-310-0605Car Detailing/ Car Wash
Mobile Car Wash & DetailMobileP O Box 2456, Beaver, UT 84713Car Detailing/ Car Wash
Flooring 4 Less and Furniture 4 Less2110 South 525 WestP O Box 730, Beaver, UT 84713435-438-1144Carpet / Sales
Sunroc Corporation2701 Old Hwy 91 807-722-2100Cement / Ready Mix Production & Gravel Pit
Doctor of Chiropractic Lance Mangum DC60 North MainP O Box 942 Beaver, UT 84713Chiropractors
Beaver Valley Laundromat65 East Center St.435-438-2831Cleaners/ Laundromats
S & C Beaver Cleaner's55 East Center St.P O Box 1254, Beaver, UT 84713435-438-2831Cleaners/ Laundromats
Clean King
Junk / trash removal
130 South 100 EastP O Box 2215
Beaver, UT 84713
435-590-4476Cleaning Service -
Junk / Trash Removal
Maid2Shine, LLCMobileP O Box 2137
Beaver, UT 84713
435-421-2137Cleaning Services
Take a Load Off Cleaning ServicesMobile435-421-4902Cleaning Services
Renegade Lounge (Private Club)30 North Main St.P O Box 1963, Beaver, UT 84713435-438-2338Clubs
Beaver Beans and Brews1816 S. 525 W.P O Box 1590, Beaver, UT 84713435-435-5484Coffee Shop
WK Digital Systems65 North Main St.P O Box 365, Beaver, UT 84713435-438-5201Computers / Cellulars
Old West Trading Co.25 North Main P O Box 2314 Beaver, UT 84713214-728-1487Consignment Shop
Atkin Construction265 North 200 East
P O Box 818, Beaver, UT 84713435-438-5177Construction Builders
Bluebuck, LLC331 West 900 South
Greenville, UT 84731
HC 74 P O Box 4308 Greenville, UT 84731435-704-4471Construction Builders
Bout Time Construction240 North 400 WestP O Box 1439
Beaver, UT 84713
435-310-0638Construction Builders
Calvin Goodwin - Contractor325 South 200 WestP O Box 2404, Beaver, UT 84713435-438-5271Construction Builders
Kesler Construction195 North 400 eastP O Box 1105, Beaver, UT 84713435-438-5131Construction Builders
Kesler Hobbies LLC605 Riverside LaneP O Box 783 Beaver, UT 84713Construction Builders
Porter Construction LLC2060 South 600 WestP O Box 1497, Beaver, UT 84713435-438-3315Construction Builders
Strauch Construction345 North 400 EastP O Box 1777, Beaver, UT 84713435-438-6101Construction Builders
Tushar Contracting, INC.85 North 800 Easttusharcontractin.com435-438-4245Construction Builders
Viking Construction PLLC1603 S Campground Rd.mcjuff78@gmail.com801-389-1553Construction Builders
Yardley Consturction Co.235 South 200 WestP O Box 322, Beaver, UT 84713435-421-1455
Construction Builders
Brand Construction, LLC70 South 200 West #1P O Box 950
Beaver, UT 84713
435-868-8982Construction Builders / Excavation
Sunrise Ag Development335 South MainP O Box 842223 Hildale, UT 84784435-218-4440Construction Irrigation Pivots / Metal Buildings
River Stone Contractors Inc.435-896-6264Contractor Plumbing & Heating
Beaver Valley ChevronSouth I-15 Exitbeaverchevron@gmail.com435-438-5147Visit WebsiteConvenience Stores
Cardwell215 North Main435-438-2695Convenience Stores
Clay's Phillips 66290 South MainP O Box 2459, Beaver, UT 84713435-438-2450Convenience Stores
Eagle's Landing Texaco645 West 1400 NorthP O Box 1515, Beaver, UT 84713435-438-5191Convenience Stores
Ernie's Truck Plaza Store1035 North Main St.P O Box 910550, St.George, UT 84791435-438-5846Convenience Stores
High Country Chevron1392 North 300 WestP O Box 1465, Beaver, UT 84713435-438-5276Convenience Stores
South Creek Shell1340 South Main St.P O Box 727, Beaver, UT 84713435-438-5842Convenience Stores
Dr. Ryan Williams MD90 South 200 WestP O Box 1512, Beaver, UT 84713Counselors / Family
Classy Clocks & Beyond83 North 1515 EastP O Box 1819, Beaver, UT 84713435-590-4112Crafts
Sew It Seams (Rita Dean)30 North 600 EastP O Box 815, Beaver, UT 84713435-421-1860Crafts
Precision Crane & Hoist Services, Inc.Mobile702-307-3543Crane Services
Stein Crushing, LLCMobileP O Box 2444
Beaver, UT 84713
435-421-2146Crushing Sand/Gravel
Dairy Farmers-America (Cheese)330 West 330 SouthP O Box 1087, Beaver, UT 84713435-438-2421Visit WebsiteDairy Products
Beaver Dance Academy960 East 400 NorthP O Box 884, Beaver, UT 84713435-421-9150Dance, Tumbling, Cheer & Fitness Classes
Xtreme Dance30 West 300 NorthP O Box 83, Beaver, UT 84713Dance
Little Leapers Child Care100 North 360 West
P O Box 175
Beaver, UT 84713
Beaver Family Dental:
Howard, David S. DDS
55 North 400 EastP O Box 2060, Beaver, UT 84713435-438-2931Dentist
Mountain View Dental:
Myers, Delmont DDS
885 North 50 EastP O Box 1486, Beaver, UT 84713435-438-5940Dentist
Murdock Family Dental225 North MainP O Box 1510 Beaver, UT 84713435-438-4044Dentist
Anytime Road Service & Repair1265 North 300 WestP O Box 1474, Beaver, UT 84713435-438-5376Diesel Repair
Bar M Diesel & Automotive Service2080 South 525 Westbarmdieselandautomotive@gmail.com435-421-9594Diesel Repair
Evan's Garage & Diesel365 East 400 NorthP O Box 1922, Beaver, UT 84713435-438-2265Diesel Repair
Derryberry DistributionMobileP O Box 2103
Beaver, UT 84713
435-310-011Distribution Sales
Best Gun Dogs / Noble DogsP O Box 1734
Beaver, UT 84713
435-421-4420Dog Breeding & Training
Kinross Electrical2042 S. 600 W.P O Box 2374, Beaver, UT 84713435-438-1366Visit WebsiteElectrical / Power
L & H Electrical360 West 100 SouthP O Box 2334, Beaver, UT 84713435-313-2104Electrical / Power
R E D INC Electrical Contractors20 West 100 NorthP O Box 509, Beaver, UT 84713435-438-2971Electrical / Power
Electrify America646 West 1400 North703-636-3671Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations
Design 2 Shine50 North 1200 EastP O Box 2206
Beaver, UT 84713
435-216-8529Embroidery / Custom Printing
North Creek Espresso & Smoothies335 South Main StreetP O Box 1525 Beaver, UT 84713435-418-4300Espresso & Smoothies
Happily Ever After Events1083 East 1400 NorthP O Box 651, Beaver, UT 84713435-310-0157
Event Planning / Décor and Decorating Wedding & Occasions
Fishlake Lumber Co. IFA Dealer1627 N. Hwy 357P O Box L, Beaver, UT 84713435-438-5454Visit WebsiteFarming / Supplies
Burger King1532 South Main St.1185 South Main, St. George, UT 84770435-438-5914Fast Food
Carl's Jr.1385 North 400 West

Fast Food
McDonald's365 West 1400 NorthP O Box 713, Ephraim, UT 84627435-438-5500Fast Food
Subway Sandwiches1375 North 400 West435-438-2300Fast Food
The Drive Inn155 North Main St.
P O Box 1501, Beaver, UT 84713435-438-5600Fast Food
Wendy's Old Fashioned Hamburgers625 West 1400 NorthP O Box 2528, Cody, WY 82414435-438-1215Fast Food
Pine Valley Fencing370 North 300 East P O Box 652 Beaver, UT 84713Fencing
Beaver Fire Safety & Equipment140 East 600 North
P O Box 347, Beaver, UT 84713435-828-7310Fire Safety
TNT FireworksBeaverSeasonalFireworks
Lost River Angler22 North MainP O Box 2207
Beaver, UT 84713
435-590-1444Fishing / Guide Service
Beaver Sport & Pawn91 North Main St.P O Box 747, Beaver, UT 84713435-438-2100Visit WebsiteFishing / Hunting
Vital Fitness LLC.150 South Main StreetP O Box 2405 Beaver, UT 84713435-438-4010Fitness Gym
The Spin Room345 North 400 EastP O Box 184
Beaver, UT 84713
435-310-1197Fitness Gym/Spin Classes
Beaver Drug & Gift98 North Main St.P O Box 1438, Beaver, UT 8473435-438-2470Florists / Retail
Mikes Food Town270 North Main St.P O Box 1665, Beaver, UT 84713435-438-2852Food Products
The Butcher's Choice of NevadaMobile - Beaver775-219-5469Food Products
Valley Pack - Meat Packing422 West 250 SouthP O Box 1599, Beaver, UT 84713435-438-1002Food Products
Fremont Market, LLC195 South MainP O Box 2275 Beaver, UT 84713435-438-5626Food Products / Wholesale Food Products
Handel's Homemade Ice Cream291 North Bluff Street435-922-1295Food Truck / Ice Cream
ICY SHACK, LLC550 West 600 South Milford, UT 84751P O Box 874
Milford, UT 84751
435-418-0827Food Truck / Icy Shack
Loaded Burgers & Treats711 North MainP O Box 635
Beaver, Ut 84713
435-310-1610Food Truck
Mineral Mountain Grill495 West 100 North P O Box 1032 Beaver, UT 84713435-705-6209Food Truck
Timberline Trailer620 West 1800 SouthP O Box 2223 Beaver, UT 84713435-438-2474Food Truck
The Sweet Shop495 East 200 NorthP O Box 2263
Beaver, UT 84713
435-668-2108Food Truck / Ice Cream
Flooring 4 Less and Furniture 4 Less2110 South 525 WestP O Box 730 Beaver, UT 84713435-438-1144Furniture / Home Furnishings
Tony & Dave's Auto Center115 North Main St.P O Box 700, Beaver, UT 84713435-438-5409Glass / Auto
Canyon Breeze Golf Course371 N. Hwy 153Seasonal435-438-2601Golf Courses
Sunroc Corporation2701 Old Hwy 91801-722-2100Gravel Pit / Ready Mix Production
Beaver Sport and Pawn91 North MainP O Box 747, Beaver, UT 84713435-438-2100Visit WebsiteGun Sales & Service
Boring Rifles60 West Center StreetP O Box 941 Beaver, UT 84713801-707-4518Gun Sales / Boring Rifles
Rome Bows, LLC435-592-1318Hair Bows & Misc. Sales
Charlie's Handyman ServiceMobile435-310-0397Handyman
Four Season's Home Services330 North 200 WestP O Box 1402, Beaver, UT 84713435-438-2886Handyman
Master DennisMobileP O Box 1945 Beaver, UT 84713213-804-6638Handyman
Pro Handyman Services241 East 1800 NorthP O Box 1604
Beaver, UT 84713
NU - EARS House of Hearing30 West 300 North157 East Riverside Dr. #3D St. George, UT 84790435-674-9900Hearing Aids
Brady's Comfort Systems, IncPO BOX 640
Beaver, UT 84713
Heating & Air Conditioning / HVAC
M&L Sales & Service363 East 100 NorthP O Box 1143, Beaver, UT 84713435-438-5602Heating A/C
Quality Heating and Plumbing836 North Main StreetP O Box 948, Beaver, UT 84713435-438-7888Heating A/C
Amerigas PropaneCedar CityP O Box 429, Cedar City, UT 84721877-202-0022Home Fuel / Gas
Home Inspections of Southern Utah220 East 500 WestP O Box 574 Beaver, UT 84713435-261-8149Home Inspections
Jewels Legacy Garden380 North 500 Westjewelslegacygarden@gmail.com435-531-0229Hospital / Home Health Care
Beaver / Milford Medical Clinics1059 North 100 WestP O Box 1690, Beaver, UT 84713435-438-7280Visit WebsiteHospital / Medical
Antler ObsessionManderfield HWY 357435-438-7713Hunting / Guiding
Edwards Hounds and LivestockHwy 357P O Box 2011
Beaver, UT 84713
435-310-0337Hunting / Guiding
Kasey's Hunting4867 North Mule Train Drive4867 North Mule Train Drive Enoch, UT 8472145-559-3556Hunting / Guiding
Lane Limb Guide Service750 East HWY 21 MinersvilleP O Box 174, Minersville, UT 84713Hunting / Guiding
Martin Guide Service
david@martin-hunting.comP O Box 1537, Beaver, UT 84713435-310-0385
Hunting / Guiding
Willden Guiding145 South 200 WestP O Box 216 Beaver, UT 84713435-310-1499Hunting / Guiding
PHONESKOPE75 North Main StreetP O Box 689, Beaver, UT 84713Hunting Equipment
Sweet PeaksMobile TrailerP O Box 2351, Beaver, UT 84713435-421-4087Ice Cream Trailer
State Farm Insurance45 North Main St.P O Box 1109, Beaver, UT 84713435-438-5451Insurance
The Insurance Guy330 South MainP O Box 1560 Beaver, UT 84713435-438-5850Insurance
White Insurance Agency15 South Main St.whiteinsuranceutah.com435-438-5445Insurance
Infowest360 West 200 North, Cedar City, UT 84720435 E. Tabernacle St., St. George, UT 84770435-674-0165www.infowest.comInternet Service
Beaver LawnScape90 West 500 North
P O Box 162, Beaver, UT 84713435-590-8551
Landscape / Lawn Care
Brown Lawn Mowing95 North 200 WestP O Box 731, Beaver, UT 84713435-438-2916Landscape / Lawn Care
Edwards and Sons Lawn Care170 South 200 EastP O Box 1772, Beaver, UT 84713435-421-4838Landscape / Lawn Care
Moss Lawn & Yard Care435 North 1000 Eastkmoss58@msn.com435-438-6210Landscape / Lawn Care
Rock'n J Landscape Supply & Rentals1401 South MainP O Box 294, Beaver, UT 84713435-438-5297Landscape / Lawn Care
T & J Landscaping Construction15 East 400 NorthP O Box 1073 Beaver, UT 84713435-310-1250
Landscape / Lawn Care
T & J Landscaping Construction 15 East 400 North 15 East 400 North435-310-1250
Landscaping Construction Paving etc.
Sager Sales & Service (Small Engines)775 North Main St.P O Box 682, Beaver,UT 84713435-438-5238Lawn Mowing Service Repair
South Fork Pest Control1603 S Campground RD #56P O Box 2585, Beaver, UT 84713435-421-1827Lawn Pesticide
Beaver Spirits / Liquor710 North MainP O Box 311 Beaver, UT 84713435-438-5851Liquor Store
Tesla Motors INC665 West 1800 South #2Palo Alto, CA 94304650-681-5000Lng / Natural Gas Fueling Station 
Print-All-Promotions345 East 300 NorthP O Box 609, Beaver, UT 84713435-438-2950Marketing
Master Massage Therapy and Healing452 EAST 740 NORTH P O Box 2046 Beaver, UT 84713Massages
Beaver Valley Pack422 West 250 SouthP O Box 943 Beaver, UT 84713435-438-1002Meat Packing Plant / Meat Sales
Beaver Medical Clinic1059 North 100 West
435-438-7280Medical Clinic
Southern Utah Mortuary195 North 200 Westsumortuary.com435-438-2201Mortuaries
Beaver Hospitality645 North MainP O Box 1914 Beaver, UT 84713435-438-3888Motels / Hotels
Beaver Super 8 Motel626 West 1400 North4308 St. Andrew Dr., Peublo, CO 81001435-438-3888Motels / Hotels
Best Western Butch Cassidy Inn161 South MainP O Box 1921 Beaver, UT 84713435-438-2438Motels / Hotels
Best Western Paradise Inn314 West 1425 North
P O Box 2030, Beaver, UT 84713435-438-2455Motels / Hotels
Country Inn Motel1450 North 300 WestP O Box 657 Beaver, UT 84713435-438-2484Motels / Hotels
Days Inn668 West 1400 NorthP O Box 610, Beaver, UT 84713Motels / Hotels
Delano Motel & RV Park480 North Main St.P O Box 730, Beaver, UT 84713435-438-2418Motels / Hotels
Eagles Landing Motel646 West 1400 NorthP O Box 610, Beaver, UT 84713435-438-7800Motels / Hotels
Motel 61345 North 400 West9775 Juropa Rd, Riverside, CA 92509435-438-1666Motels / Hotels
South Creek Hospitality1540 South Main St. West45060@hotel.bestwestern.com435-438-6283Motels / Hotels
Beaver Nursery640 South Main or Beaver Nursery on Facebook435-438-2254Nursery
Albrecht, David R. O.D.15 South 100 EastP O Box 111, Beaver, UT 84713435-438-2020Optometrist
Desert Pain Specialists, LLC68 North Main Street617 E. Riverside Dr, Suite 301 St. George, UT 84790435-238-7000Pain Specialist / Medical Clinic
Jablonski Painting525 North 650 EastP O Box 1464, Beaver, UT 84713435-438-5132Painting
Beaver Drug & Gifts98 North Main StreetP O Box 1438 Beaver, UT 84713435-438-2470
Pieces of My Past Photography360 North 1200 EastP O Box 331, Beaver, UT 84713435-438-2197Photography / Finishing
Shaylyn Davis Photography11 North Main StreetP O Box 2033 Beaver, UT 84713435-310-1683Photography / Finishing
Stormin Norman Photography810 East Hwy 21 Minersville, UT 84752P O Box 302
Beaver, UT 84713
435-386-8466Photography / Finishing
Don Dade Photos
Capture The Moment
549 S Riverside LaneP O Box 1634
Beaver, UT 84713
435-393-5444Photography / Studio Portraits / Large Format Printing Wild West Fun Photos
Lance Smith MD1059 North 100 West435-438-7280Visit WebsitePhysicians
Lindsay Cheney1059 North 100 West435-438-7280Visit WebsitePhysicians
R. Wade Oakden MD1059 North 100 West435-438-7280Visit WebsitePhysicians
Rhett Smith, MD1059 North 100 West435-438-7280Visit WebsitePhysicians
Wade Hollingshead1059 North 100 West435-438-7280Visit WebsitePhysicians
Zack Flinders MD1059 North 100 West435-438-7280Visit WebsitePhysicians
River Stone Contractors Inc.435-896-6264Plumbing and Heating
Standard Plumbing Supply 660 North Main385-695-3900Plumbing Supplies and more
Busy Bee Pottery60 East CenterP O Box 1457 Beaver, UT 84713435-421-9019Pottery
CR Pressure Washing225 South 300 EastP O Box 1740 Beaver, UT 84713435-421-1740Pressure Washing
Spray-N-Go495 East 100 SouthP O Box 2269 Beaver, UT 84713435-421-9323Pressure Washing Homes Etc.
Print-All-Promotions345 East 300 NorthP O Box 609, Beaver, UT 84713435-438-2950Printing & Graphics
Coldwell Banker-Advantage330 South Main St.Beaver, UT 84713435-438-3205Real Estate
ERA Brokers Consolidated395 South Main Street
P O Box 2253, Beaver, UT 84713435-438-1606Real Estate
David and Kelsey Reed60 East Center805-814-8863Rentals
Evolve Properties, LLC355 South Main435-438-1606Rentals
Tushar Flatts, LLC25 East 100 SouthP O Box 1295435-310-0576Rentals
MPD LLC.653 West 1400 NorthP O Box 1664 Beaver, UT 84713435-438-5191 Ext. 4Rentals / Construction Equipment
Redbox Automated Retail LLC365 West 1400 North Tower Ln, Ste 900Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181Rentals / Movies
Freelance Holdings, LLC dba Alpine Mountain Escape284 North Summit Dr. Beaver, Utah951-378-8394Rentals / Short Term
H & B Endeavors, LLC45 West 200 South 435-979-1688Rentals / Short term
TLC LLC Elm Tree Series / Crystal Davis Manager1361 North Elm Tree LaneP O Box 7026 Laguna Niguel, CA 92607Rentals / Trailers
Beaver Taco1451 South MainP O Box 897, Beaver, UT 84713435-438-0912
Craigo's Pizza1360 North 300 West P O Box 1996 Beaver, UT 84713435-261-2700, 310-0487Restaurants
Crave, The Pizza Place48 North MainHC74 Box 4306
Greenville, UT 84731
Crazy Cow Café320 West 1425 NorthP O Box 2030 Beaver, UT 84713435-438-6208Restaurants
Dairy Farmers-Cheese Factory330 West 330 SouthP O Box 1087, Beaver, UT 84713435-438-2421Visit WebsiteRestaurants
Denny's 636 West 1400 North435-896-4406Restaurants
El Bambi935 North Main St.P O Box 1057, Beaver, UT 84713435-438-2983Restaurants
Kan Kun Mexican Rest.- Exit 1091474 South 450 WestP O Box 1107, Beaver, UT 84713435-438-5908Restaurants
Loaded Burgers and Treats711 North MainP O Box 635
Beaver, UT 84713
Timberline Inn Rest.- Exit 1091542 South 450 WestP O Box 2223, Beaver, UT 84713435-438-2474Visit Websiteet/Restaurants
Family Dollar, Inc.920 North MainRetail Sales
Phoneskope75 North Mainwww.phoneskope.com435-438-5000Retail Sales    
Tropic Ice Holdings, LLC2050 North 300 West435-673-3228Retail Sales
Hog Slat, Incorporated1462 North 200 WestBeaver, UT 84713435-438-4056Retail Sales / Ag Store
Utah Hydrographics75 North Mainwww.utahhydrographics.com435-438-5000Retails Sales    
Fishlake Lumber1627 North Hwy 357P O Box L Beaver, UT 84713435-438-5454Visit WebsiteSaw Mill
Beaver Sanitation245 North 100 WestP O Box 791, Beaver, UT 84713435-438-5870Septic Tanks / Porta Potty / Sewer
Beaver City SXS350 North 1200 East P O Box 1804 Beaver, UT 84713435-421-4486Side by Side & Golf Cart Accessories
YESCO, LLCMobile ServiceSigns / Billboard
Design 2 Shine Sign & Bannerd2sutah.comP O Box 2206, Beaver, UT 84713435-438-0936Signs / T-shirts
Print All Promotions345 East 300 NorthP O Box 136, Beaver, UT 84713435-438-5710Signs / T-shirts
Bergie's service & Repairs90 West 500 NorthP O Box 2442, Beaver, UT 84713435-418-0236Small Engine Repair
Soda Fix Beaver Corp53 North MainP O Box 1465 Beaver, UT 84713435-438-4004Soft Drink / Food
Williams Ice / Shaved Ice378 West 100 South / MobileP O Box 1765
Beaver, UT 84713
435-327-0255Soft Drink / Shaved Ice Lemonade Stand
Beaver Storage Units1528 North Highway 357P O Box 1902, Beaver, UT 84713801-628-7733Storage / Rentals
Riverside Storage470 South Riverside LaneFacebook @ Riverside Storage or gmyers@xmission.com435-438-5422Storage / Rentals
Stonehaven Properties759 South MainP O Box 121, Parowan, UT 84761435-590-8170Storage / Rentals
Qwest Corporation1801 California, Denver, CO 802021801 California, Denver, CO 80202800-879-4357Telephone Service
Big O Tires - DBA All Around Tire & Services, LLC1360 North Main StreetP O Box 1905
Beaver, UT 84713
435-438-6138Tire Shop / Service
South Creek Shell1532 South Main StreetP O Box 2170
Beaver, UT 84713
435-438-5842Tire Shop / Service
Tushar Mountain Tire Beaver1355 North 700 WestP O Box 1060
Beaver, UT 84713
435-438-6162Tire Shop / Service
Title First5 South MainP O Box 849 Beaver, UT 84713435-421-5621Title Company
Tusher Mountain Tool Rental35 North MainP O Box 467 Beaver, UT 84713435-704-4926Tool Rental
Cove Fort Services, INC / Hodges Properties, LLC676 North 100 WestP O Box 1319 Beaver, UT 84713435-559-5574Towing Service
Anytime Road Service1265 North 300 West
P O Box 1474 Beaver, UT 84713435-438-5376Towing Service / Roadside Service
Bar M Diesel & Automotive Service2080 South 525 WestP O Box 951 Beaver, UT 84713435-421-9594Towing Service / Roadside Service
Beaver Valley Chevron1265 North 300 WestP O Box 1409 Beaver, UT 84713435-438-5147Visit WebsiteTowing Service / Roadside Service
All Pro Tree Service96 South 400 EastP O Box 1327 Beaver, UT 84713435-438-2035
Tree Trimming
Yardley Tree TrimmingMobile435-559-3556
Tree Trimming
Ernie's Truck Plaza1035 North Main St.P O Box 910550,
St. George, UT 84791
435-438-5846Truck Plaza
Chrome Truck Wash, LLC35 West 1175 NorthP O Box 2408
Beaver, UT 84713
www.chrometruckwash.comTruck Wash Commercial
Barney Trucking1261 North 400 West235 South SR 24 Salina, UT435-851-5392Trucking
Clark Bradshaw Trucking, Inc.1296 North 300 WestP O Box 2375, Beaver, UT 84713435-438-0208Trucking
Design 2 Shine50 North 1200 EastP O Box 2206
Beaver, UT 84713
435-216-8529www.design2shineonline.comVehicle Graphics & Wraps
Indian Creek Veterinary Services1501 North Hwy 357P O Box 2320, Beaver, UT 84713435-438-2873Veterinary Services
Hughes & Sons Inc.Beaver, UTP O Box 1530, Beaver, UT 84713435-421-2071Waste Management 
Strong Welding LLCP O Box 541, Beaver, UT 84713435-421-1891Welding & Mfg
Steel Creations LLC2080 South 525 West801-695-1911Welding & Powder Coating
D&L Professional Window Cleaning370 North 800 EastP O Box 2122
Beaver, UT 84713
562-587-5436Window Cleaning