Beaver City Code and Ordinances

View Beaver City's Code Of Ordinances Online
Notes for Online Navigation

The online code opens in three frames. On the left is the expandable table of contents. Below it is the search frame where your inquiries (hits) will be found. The main frame will contain the contents of the code. NOTE, if you just highlight or click on a title or chapter heading in the table of contents, this is all it will show in the text. You need to highlight or click on a section for text to actually appear.
The code opens with a notice of the last supplement update, by both date and ordinance number. This supplement notice should always correspond with your hard copy code preface.
Please note the disclaimer which is included for your protection.
The status of the last update is repeated in the actual code preface. The preface can be viewed by double clicking “Preface” in the Table of Contents.
Once the City begins to send ordinances to Sterling via email as adopted, this same opening window will have a second notice to “Click here to see recently adopted ordinances.”